You are warmly invited to attend a workshop in your community where you can learn the core strategies of the world's most successful life coaches & holistic practitioners to . . .

"steadily, authentically, organically and affordably fill your practice with clients that are a perfect fit"
(using low-cost & low pressure techniques that
won't break your bank or feel 'gross')


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Hi there,

If you're on this page - it likely means you're a holistic practitioner of some kind and I'm coming to your community to lead a workshop.

But, before I tell you about the workshops, I'd like to give you a gift. It's a 195 page ebook I put together called 'The Way of the Radical Business' (you get can get it by entering your email to the right (under the arrow).

You can watch the video below which will tell you a bit more about the workshops and then you explore bit about the workshops and register if it feels like a fit.


tad hargrave

marketing consultant for hippies



Is this workshop for you? Maybe . . .

These workshops will be most useful to you if you're some form of service provider such as those listed below:

Therapist, Life-Coach, Massage Therapist or Body-worker, Reiki/Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Chiropractor, Breathworker, Natural Childbirth Support, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Fitness Instructor or Coach, Pilates Instructor, EFT Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, acupuncturists, TCM Practitioners.

Upcoming workshops . . .

SEATTLE, WA (Weekend Intensive)

WHEN: Feb 23rd - 24th (10am - 6:30pm)
WHERE: Bastyr University
COST: Pay what you want at the end of the weekend (with $100 deposit)


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